the anatomy of melancholy

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"where’d we meet?" "acting class."

we both know it. we both know there is something there. it’s as obvious as the twinkle of green in both of our eyes. 

"i’m pretty, right?"

"yes. you’re really pretty. why would you ever think differently?"

"shoot, i don’t know. uh you’re handsome"



maybe we will both stay scared for their rest of our lives or maybe one drunken weekend we’ll state the obvious. 

"i like you"

"wait, really? me too."

or maybe we won’t. maybe we will deny the obvious and just stay in pain for the rest of time. or maybe i’m wrong. maybe it’s in my head.

but then again, maybe it’s not.


i wanna drive around with you going nowhere like you said you liked and i wanna have your hand in mine. keep them closed though because open hands are hard to hold onto. and i want you to know how much i love being bad but how much i love things like disney and magic. and i want to be told i’m beautiful. can’t you do that for me?